CNC Milling & CNC Turning

CNC milling & CNC turning allow users to create patterns and add detail to metals that cannot be done by hand. CNC milling uses commands, codes that are programmed into the computer and executed. The router drills and then rotates along the axes to cut materials to dimensions entered into the computer. Computer programming allows the machines to make precise cuts, users can manually override the CNC machines to slow down or speed up the process.

In contrast, CNC turning uses computer-controlled machinery to create a different end product.The process uses a single point cutting tool that is inserted parallel to the material to be cut. The material rotates at alternating speeds and the cutting tool moves to create cylindrical cuts with exact dimensions. It is used to make circular or tubular parts from larger pieces of material. It is an automated process and speeds can be adjusted for greater precision rather than turning a lathe by hand.

What parts need CNC Turning?

CNC Centres are ideal for short-run volumes and especially prototypes and parts that are below 2.5” while the turning centre can be able to work on parts that are over the 2.5” OD, they will need to be checked individually and depending on the volume of the parts that are being produced, it can have an upward impact on the price of production. Also, if the part is less than 1.25” OD, turning might not be the option for producing that part. However, it is important to note that the biggest factor that determines if the piece can be produced by CNC Turning is the volume. The higher the volume the less suitable the part is suitable to be produced by turning.

If you’re not sure if your part should be best produced by CNC Turning or CNC Milling, it is important to seek a second opinion. It is also essential to understand that different CNC Centres have different tooling and spindle options and this could affect the likelihood of the part being produced in such a centre.

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