JP Design & Engineering

We Deliver Products Of Excellence

Founded in 2009, JP Design and Engineering has highly qualified artisans who are committed to producing work of outstanding quality. Situated on the East Rand of Johannesburg also known as the hub of Africa, we are centrally based to service all our clients. JP Design and Engineering is PROUD to hold a Level 1 BBBEEE Status and operates under an Accredited ISO 9001 standard





An exceptional standard of workmanship ensures that JP Design and Engineering is equipped to handle any engineering job regardless of its complexity.  We are a reliable organisation who strive to remain at the forefront of engineering innovation, expertise and service.

JP Design and Engineering staff members have a sound knowledge of quality standards, engineering, fabrication, welding, machining processes and health and safety requirements. With experience culminating to 60 years they also boast a firm knowledge of material (ferrous and non -ferrous) and their correct processing.

Our General Engineering Solutions Comprise Of:

- CNC Turning
- CNC Milling
- Conventional Turning  
- Conventional Milling
- Specialised Welding
- Fabrication Drilling
- Shaftless Screw Conveyors
- Breakdown Work
- On-Site Work  
- Mining Conveyor Structures
- Fans For The Thermal Industry
- Battery Tanks
- Prototype Engineering Work
- Gear Manufacture
- Painting

JP Design and Engineering prides itself in its efficiency. We can deliver products of excellence within a fast turn-around time without compromising quality or service due to our 24 hour shift system. 

We Offer a Complete Turn-Key Solution Based On Our Team Of Support Companies Which offer:

Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Bending, Powder Coating, Keway Cutting, Sheet Metal Work, Rolling to name a few.


Since the inception of JP Design & Engineering cc, the team has been and still is constantly striving to be a dominant market leader in the specialized field of Engineering Design, Manufacture and Repair.

The approach is based on values of:

- Complete integrity, honesty and trust.

- A personal approach to service delivery, which serves to aid efficiency and trust immensely.

- Dedication and commitment to the completion of tasks, trouble shooting until a practical solution is found, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

- Innovative and specialized teamwork. Some of the best. Solutions are as a result of a team of highly skilled individuals with great teamwork ability and a knowledge sharing environment.

- Strong relationships and mutual respect come from such a team dynamic and ensuring that such a team dynamic is continually existent at JP Design & Engineering is crucial.


Total commitment to the following:

- World class service to our clients. This is done by strategically designed integrations of people, resources and technology to our customers at highly competitive prices.

- Development, growth and expansion of human capital throughout South Africa.

- The use of best practice methodology and standards which are practical and affordable while ensuring that our customers enjoy long term return on investment in our services and products.

- A team dynamic that does not waver in its philosophy of meeting: The highest standards of quality and excellence, Superior knowledge and skill, High integrity.